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Money is only a tool. It will take you wherever you wish, but it will not replace you as a driver – Ayn Rand

We are constantly working, striving and growing to expand and enhance our financial and technical prowess! Let us help guide you on this journey and make it a profitable one.

With an array of industries in our client portfolio, we have encountered many different styles of companies on our journey. We have picked out like minded individuals and companies that thrive on providing top class customer service, and lead their industry in performance and quality in the services they provide. As such we have created a network that will enable you to get your company up and running and keep it running smoothly from day one and beyond.

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Every quarter we feature one of our clients and how Collective Numbers plays a role in helping that business succeed.

Your network is your foundation and your support to stimulate growth. Collaborating our skills and combining our efforts with those who have a similar passion for success allows us to add another anchor, rung, cog or linchpin that projects us exponentially with each new addition.


Stefan Schulhof

We are so proud to display on our website photo’s taken by the adept and accomplished Stefan Schulhof. We love the aerial photo of Calgary and the “In the pocket” shot of the Calgary tower showcased on our about us page and we thought you would love them to. Heres a little [...]

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