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We Know Books

From front to back and back to front, we are experts at managing our client’s financials.


Let us do what we do best, so you can have more time to focus where you excel. We can start fresh or pick up where someone else left off. Have you been the victim of less than exceptional bookkeeping? We are the Queens of conundrums, we will sort it out for you.

Tax returns & Filings

T1, T2, T2 short,T3, T4,T4 summary, T5, T5018, GST filings, payroll remittances, and more. Do you need all, a few or even one of these filings done., we have you covered.

Start Ups

Not sure where your starting point is or you just haven’t hard the time to separate yourself from the day to day business to get this done. We can help you with that. We will take care of the paperwork while you are building the revenues.

Payroll Administration

Whether you have one employee or one hundred, we can administer your payroll with ease. From direct deposits to benefit plans, paystubs, T4’s and ROE’s we manage it all.

Accounts Receivables & Payables

We assist in invoicing and collections. If you find cashflow is dwindling, turning focus on a collections program or a receivables factoring program may be all you need to get over that slump.

Audit Management

We know how to prepared for an audit, what is to be expected, how to conduct ourselves and how to build a relationship with the government, that will keep you from ever being in that position to begin with.

Inventory Setup

It is essential that inventory is set up correctly from the start. We can help you determine which program will serve you best. The difference between weighted average and FIFO can make a big difference to your bottom line if it’s not matched to your business correctly.

Financial Reporting

Managing and providing reports including Profit and Loss, Balance sheet, Statement of Retained Earnings, Statement of Cash Flow. We truly believe that in order to maximize your companies success you must know how to interpret financial reports, dissect them to avoid the landmines and use them as a road map to profitability. We meet with you review the reports and go over any questions you may have.

Consulting / Accounting Software Setup

Consulting services are available. As is software setup to get your chart of accounts, clients and vendor lists and history up and running. Integration from an outside source, migration from a compatible source or from scratch — we can help guide you on your most efficient and cost effective options.

Results that Endure

Nothing says results that endure like a successful audit! We don’t mean to brag (or jinx ourselves!) but we are incredibly proud of our audit track record. Sometimes audits are random, sometimes they are necessary and sometimes you can see them coming. But almost never are they welcome. We have helped numerous clients through payroll audits, GST audits and tax audits all without adverse effects to the client. This means the job has been done correctly, with accuracy and according to GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles).