Stefan Schulhof

We are so proud to display on our website photo’s taken by the adept and accomplished Stefan Schulhof. We love the aerial photo of Calgary and the “In the pocket” shot of the Calgary tower showcased on our about us page and we thought you would love them to. Heres a little more info on our featured client:

Many awards and publications have accompanied him throughout his 30+ career, most of it in Vancouver. His expertise ranges from Architectural to Aerials, Entomology to Landscapes, Portrait to Sports, Photojournalism and may more fields. Canada’s most accredited Professional Photographer from 1986 until started teaching at the University of Calgary in 2000. More recently Stefan has been requested to use his extensive knowledge to research new areas in the geology sector and continues to instruct at the University. Stefan’s Stock Imagery and published works are represented by Getty Images and Access Copyright. Some of his published works are: large posters ranging from Vancouver to New York, over 10 Hockey books under the title of “Hockey the NHL Way” and coffee table books. His diverse range of clients include Forbes magazine, Canadian Government, Kodak, London Sunday times, McDonald’s, Michelin Tire, and Rolls Royce to name a few.

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